The Hour For Miracles

On April 28, 2021, the Lord said:

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Take away freedom and people crave it more. Liberty and justice for some becomes liberty and justice for all.

People unite for love but people also unite for hatred of a thing.

People seek what they have lost or cannot obtain. People surfeited with pleasure and riches do not seek at all but become fat and lackadaisical with their excess.

The hungry are filled, not the satisfied.

The overwhelmed search for a solution.

I am that solution. Hunger for me and find satisfaction in the midst of lack everywhere else. Find joy when want surrounds you. Then watch as I supply the lack, as I fill the want.

Seek FIRST the kingdom and I will provide for your needs. Bring me your needs. Lay them at my feet. Stop carrying them around from place to place like a road sign. "Turn here."

Stop seeking attention through your shortages and place your attention on my voice, on my ways. Once you stop caring about what eats at you, once you set the burden down, then I can pick it up and dissolve it. Not dismantle and redistribute. DISSOLVE.

I create something out of nothing. I make nothing out of something. My words create. My words destroy. I AM GOOD. I HAVE NO PART IN EVIL. Unrighteousness cannot exist in my presence. Where I AM, the thief is not.

He is not able to exist in the light of MY GLORY, and I have NO NEED of him to fulfill anything. Man has made my hand short.

"God can reach only so far and then he needs the devil."

Disgusting and absurd. I need no other power to do MY WORK. Except for FAITH and HUMILITY and PATIENCE. These I need from you, O man. They are the fuel that causes me to act.

I smell them like a treasured fragrance. I seek them out. They are beacons for MY POWER.

It takes only a grain, only the smallest seeds-worth to do mighty things. You think you must come up with tonnage, a freighter's worth of faith. Then you expect from it, the smallest result.

Why not reverse the equation? Bring me a fraction and let me multiply it.

This is the hour for such miracles. I have great, incredible, amazing things in store. Restoration of your government is only the tiniest part of it. There is more, so much more in store.

All of the earth cannot contain it. It will heap into the heavens. Mountains of debt will become bowls of abundance.

Take the restrictions off of the size of your faith. Ask me for your inheritance and expect it to come. Then rejoice in the waiting because the waiting will seem like no wait at all.

I am God of instant. God of NOW. God of the present and the future. I am not mystified by the future. I do not still need to "figure it out," but I decided it long ago. The plan is done. The results are chosen.

The enemy loses and loses big. Greater still, he will not exist anymore. Until then, I have given you all the power that you need to take authority over his works and reinforce his defeat. I did a complete work in MY SON, YESHUA, LORD OF HEAVEN AND KING OF KINGS. He is the Lamb upon the throne for a reason, not a season. HE IS THERE ALWAYS. He is Alpha, the beginning. He is OMEGA, THE END. This is decided. This is how it will be, and no evil, no decision of men, no worthless man who has put himself in as president ... HE PUT HIMSELF THERE NOT ME ... nothing anywhere, done by anyone, human, animal, or spiritual being, will stop what I have set in place.

The only thing to be decided is your place in it. Will you join me in victory? Or will you taste the bitterness of defeat? The door is open. The way is marked. The road stretches out before you. What will you choose?

There is victory in this hour and abundance and overcoming. There is a banquet set in the face of your enemies. Sup with me. Sit back and enjoy the feast. Then let's rise and take back the kingdom.

It's mine anyway. I hold the keys.

"And all this assembly shall know that the LORD saveth not with sword and spear: for the battle is the LORD'S, and he will give you into our hands." (1Sa 17:47)

The battle is mine. The ground the battle is fought on is mine. The hills surrounding the battle are mine. The weapons for the battle are mine as well. The very air men breathe came from me, and the victory is decided. You shall see.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Suzanne D. Williams, Author