A Place For Miracles

On January 30, 2021, I received the following word from the Lord.

"I didn't come to make you comfortable. I came to make you pure. Those that retain their shape in the fire will emerge without impurities and unable anymore to be burned. Steel is only forged through fire and oil or water. The most beautiful pottery requires time in the kiln. But it emerges usable and striking in appearance. A knife can only cut because of what it went through to become strong. I did not light the fire that forms you, but I made you able to endure it and emerge better than you were before, gloriously beautiful, and fit for the Master's use. Did not I say, Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world? You may feel the heat at times but it will not change you from what I have created you to be. You can now hold the water I will turn into wine. You are the tool I use, a place for miracles."

"No man writes a speech in gibberish. It takes proper rearranging of the letters. The letters do not decide in what order to place themselves. They only know their individual sound. The writer forms them into words. He chooses their order so that they give his full meaning. It is only as they are spoken together that the hearer can understand the message. You, my church, are my greatest sermon. You are the message of life to a dying world, and I have rearranged you so that they will see and hear and believe and become part of my voice as you are. But you must work together to accomplish it. The t only sounds a certain way when next to the h."

"Men outside of Christ can only know the alphabet. They see symbols, can perhaps figure out certain words, but to read it requires heaven's lenses. Through grace, what was dark and blurry comes into focus. I would that all could read the text, whether French, English, Russian, or Spanish. Because in God's eyes there is but one language, the language of the Spirit, and one document with one message, one speech writer, one orator, and one power which emits from it all, and that power can change clay into the finest earthen vessel, can make iron into sharpened steel."

"In the face of the greatest turbulence, I make you better than before. No knife can work the forge. Clay cannot mold itself into a vase. It takes a skilled artisan with vision and knowledge of the tools. It takes pressure in the right places and the submission of the material. But, oh, what glorious result."

Image by Bruno/Germany from Pixabay

Suzanne D. Williams, Author