The Valley

I saw, as it were, a valley, a dead, dark place full of bones, and as I walked, I had a vision. The valley seemed to come to life. The blood of the slain became rivers of water, and the bones, once dry and lifeless, became men.

Greater, no longer was the valley so very dark. No longer did I stumble along the pathway over the stones, but light spread across it, and green things grew. The valley of death became a place of fruitfulness.

I heard the word of the Lord speak clearly in the vision.

“Get up, Son of man,” he said. “Rise and see what is to come.”

“It isn't enough to walk through the valley. I will bring light to the valley. I will cause water to flow again in the valley. I will raise up life in the bones. I will resurrect these dead men. My wind shall blow, and they shall stand. They shall plant good seed. They shall walk, and I shall water it, and the valley of dead bones shall be no more.”

“Instead of death, there shall be a valley of abundance, a green valley full of fruit, and the sound of rejoicing shall echo through it. I will make of the former things, the dead-dark valley, a bright and glorious place for my Spirit, and there will be an abundance of peace, the sound of singing, and the ring of restoration.”

“Yet, I will do even greater. I will remove the surrounding mountains into the sea and make of the valley, once dead and lifeless, a mighty plain. Cities will build there, and My people shall spread from east to west, north to south. Not weak people but warriors, the army of the Lord, full of grace and truth, and My name shall be praised.”

I heard the voice. I saw the vision, and it faded. Once more, I was standing on the rocky path, unable to see but a few feet ahead.

“Walk, Son of Man,” the Voice came to me. “Walk and keep walking and watch what I will do with your faith.”

I heard the voice and I obeyed. I set myself forward and took a step, and another and another, and there, on the horizon, came a pinpoint of light. The darkness saw it and fell back.

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Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Suzanne D. Williams, Author