Look and See

I never tire of the sunrise. Each day it is different, varied in color and intensity. Each day has different clouds, different shades of light, always beautiful, but never the same.

I never tire of God's Word. Just like the sunrise, which each day is unique, each time I read it, I learn something I hadn't before. I see something about God's nature that I haven't seen.
 Minister Jesse Duplantis said, in talking about his vision of heaven, that the creatures that revolve around the throne singing, "Holy, holy, holy,"* never tire of giving their praises because each time they go around again, they see something new, something that thousands of years hasn't dulled. How marvelous that is. 
The sunrise is never invisible. Light by it's very nature announces its arrival. We have to shut our eyes not to see it. I can lay in bed in the morning, roll over, and miss it entirely. But my day is infinitely better when I rise, go out, and drink it in.
Each time, I open His Word, He shows me how incredibly wonderful He is. Each word I read, I see Him in a new shade of color. Eyes open, I bathe in the light, and He reveals Himself to me. He is amazing. We have no idea how much. Yet He longs to show us, to commune with us, to direct us in His paths. 
Go here. Turn there. Apply for that. Give to them. 
Life in Christ is the most fascinating walk you can ever take. You never know what God will do ... or I should say HOW He will do it. But He longs to show You. Open your eyes. Look and see.
*Is 6:3, Rev 4:8
Suzanne D. Williams, Author


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