Fulfilled Prophecies

"And now I have given you word of it before it comes, so that, when it comes, you may have faith." (Jn 14:29)

I heard a commentator say of Isaiah 53 that if God hadn't provided prophecies of the Messiah thousands of years in advance then He would have just been a madman running around. It's the fact He fulfilled those prophecies that gave Him credence.

Jesus, in the above verse, states it gave the disciples faith. He knew what emotions they would struggle with and wanted them to have hope. Yes, He would die, but remember He would rise from the dead in victory.

True prophecy will always have this theme. It is not to frighten you, but to stabilize you through chaos. See not the chaos, the destruction around you, but the hope within, and snatch some from the fire. (Jude 1:23)

Prophecy should make you active. It gives you something to do. 

Prayer, for one. Prayer will confirm it in your heart and help bring it to pass. Weigh its words then take it to God and let Him instruct you. If its spoken in error, He will let you know. 

Prophecy will always line up with the principles of the Word of God. It will speak life, love, and mercy or correction that will witness with your heart.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author