A Word of Encouragement

In light of current events, I wanted to write and encourage you. It's easy to take your eyes off of the peace in God's Word and become consumed with fear and panic.

2 Timothy, chapter 1, is a wonderful word about resisting fear.

Timothy, Paul's son in the faith, was struck by a bout of fear. This man who'd taught him was in jail for his faith. Paul, evidently knowing it, wrote him a letter and in it, reminded him of all he'd been taught. "Stir yourself up," he said. "Remember the ANOINTING on your life. 'For God has not given the spirit of fear.' That isn't who God is. He has equipped you for this, He has saved us and called us, and He will take care of everything."

We would do well to heed his words. STIR YOURSELF UP today. God will supply your needs, whether that's peace of mind or toilet paper. I am here to pray for you. You are valuable to me.

Also, if you are struggling with fear, my testimonial book, FEARLESS, is on sale until April 15th for only 99 cents. I spent years inside my home afraid to go outside, and God has set me free. I hope it strengthens you today.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author